Gauhati University Online Exam SOP & Examination Routine 2021

Gauhati University has released Gauhati University Online Exam SOP and taken this decision understanding the current situation all pending examinations will be held in Open Book System in the online mode only. The P.G. Examinations will be started from 1st of June, 2021 and will be completed by 15th June, 2021 while the U.G. Examinations will be started from 2nd week of June, 2021.Necessary study break will decided by the respective HoDs and Principals of the Colleges.

A Committee is also constituted to streamline the system and to offer necessary suggestion to the Controller of Examinations.

A detailed notification will be published by the Controller of Examinations in this regard soon which will also contain information about the SoP for the online mode.

Issued with the approval of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Gauhati University

Guwahati University Examination S0P

On the basis of deliberations at appropriate levels, the following SoP is issued to be followed for all ensuing examinations being conducted by Gauhati University. All students are hereby informed to go through it carefully and follow accordingly.

1. All answers must be handwritten by the examinee in A4 size paper. A model Answer Sheet is uploaded in the portal This model Answer Sheet may also be downloaded, printed and then used for writing answers.

2. All pages must contain page numbers.

3. Number of pages may be less or more than 10 pages. But, in no case the uploaded document be

more than 5.0 MB size.

4. A procedure is laid down in the portal to know as to how to scan

and convert the Answer Sheets in to PDF and can be reduced to less than 5.00 MB. This is very crucial for successful uploading. As such, the examinees should practise and learn properly as to how to limit it to less than the specified size. Ideally, if scanned properly, a 10 page document will be around only 2 MB size only.

5. To do it as mentioned in point 4 above, some apps have been recommended in the portal The students can use similar other apps also.

6. The Question Papers will be available for downloading 30 minutes before the beginning of the Examination.

7. The student will be able to upload the PDF copy of the answer script after 30 minutes from the time of commencement of the examination and the upload facility will be available until one hour (60 minutes) after the end of the examination.

8. Once a student uploads a document, he/she can’t do it again. So make sure that-

A. TheAnswerSheetsareproperlyscanned,convertedtoasinglePDFmaintainingserialization

of the pages.

B. Recheck the size of the document before going for uploading and make sure it does not

exceed 5 MB size.

C. So,studentsarestronglyadvisedtopractisethisprocedure(scanningandconversiontoPDF)

using any document available at hand.

9. In order to take the Examination, the students will be required to log in to the Examination Portal. To log in, the students need to give correct Registration No., Mobile No. and Date of Birth.

10. Since it is an Open Book Examination conducted in the online mode, they will be able to take the help of the textbooks, notes etc.

11. The total marks for each paper will be 70 percent of the total theory marks. Total duration of the examination will be mentioned in the respective question papers.

12. There will be no offline submission of any Answer Sheet anywhere.

13. Further, students are informed to ensure their connectivity and use of proper gadgets.

14. All practical examinations will be notified later on.

Issued with the approval of the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Gauhati University.

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Gauhati University Online Exam SOP FAQ

1. What is open book examination ?

An “open book examination” is an assessment method designed in a way that allows students to refer to either class notes and summaries or a “memory aid”, textbooks, or other approved material while answering questions. An open book exam can also mean that students are provided with the exam questions prior to sitting the formal exam or are to complete as a ‘take- home’ exam.

2. How to Prepare Answer Script for Open book Examination ?

This is undoubtedly the most important part of the examination and require you to have a meticulous planning. For your reference, we have prepared a template file containing the sample front page and other pages, which you can download and printout to be used as your answer script.